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Towards a Circular Economy "from below"


The Open Laboratory of Innovation and Circular Economy (LabIEC) proposes to institutionalize a new line of work of the Institute of  Science and Technology Studies, of the National University of Quilmes, as part of a set of institutional strengthening actions that the Institute carries out. In this sense, LabI&EC seeks to formalize a series of initiatives that are already in operation as part of the Institute's researchers' agendas.

LabI&EC research and intervention actions are related to different activities, such as:

  1. Development of strategies for the development of technological solutions (framed in the principles of  the Circular Economy) inserted in dynamics of co-design with the productive actors present in the territories;

  2. Creation of paid jobs and improvement of the quality of life of workers;

  3. Development of strategies that integrate solutions to the problems of access to decent housing, access to energy, access to water and sanitation;

  4. Strengthening links with companies that generate large volumes of waste with the aim of implementing circuits of circular economy and reducing the use of virgin raw materials in production processes and

  5. Generate recommendations for public policies and politicy strategies (companies, cooperatives, grassroots social organizations, unions, etc.)


This initiative was originated in the international workshop on Circular Economy and Social Innovation from the Global South, held in March 2019 and organized by the British Council, IESCT, Redtisa, UN environment, CONICET, Sed Cero, OPDS , PNUD, UNQ, Universidad de EXETER, and the Latin American Network of Waste Pickers. And it was formalized through the Resolution of the Departmental Council of Social Sciences of the UNQ, Resolution (CD) Nº 164/19.

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